Trinity Preschool Upcoming Events
  1. JAN 21
    Martin Luther King Day - Preschool
  2. JAN 22-25
    Pre-K Parent / Teacher Conferences
    We look forward to meeting with you and discussing the year-to-date progress of your child and plans for the rest of the school year. Dates are subject to change. If these dates are not convenient please contact management team.
  3. FEB 1
    Enrollment for Kinder Begins
    Open enrollment for our Pre-K parents before enrollment for public begins. Be sure to get your child's reservation and schedule your tour with our Preschool Registrar.
  4. FEB 14
    Class Valentine's Parties
    We are so excited to decorate and have some fun with our Valentine's parties. We look forward to seeing you there. Look for your sign up sheet to bring goodies to the party!
  5. FEB 18
    President Day - Preschool

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